About us
We met and became friends through an online charity and we decided to create Knit for Life because we quickly realised that, whilst so many people love to knit, they don’t always have a reason to do so.  Knitting for charities is a strong motivator but it’s not always easy to locate the causes that need knitwear.  We wanted to provide a link between those who want to knit for charity and the charities that need the knitting.

We aim to:

For Shropshire knitters we can:

In Shropshire we can distribute:

8 inch squares which are made into blankets for cold and vulnerable children
Teddies and soft toys, including puppets
Hats to fit toddler to teen, approx 18 – 21 inches in circumference
Jumpers to fit children from toddler to teen
Mittens, gloves and hand warmers
Knitted bags and puppets for Operation Christmas Child
Children’s shoes for Greenfields Africa

One of our lovely supporters was inspired by our work to put pen to paper and she has kindly given us permission to publish her poem here. We think it says everything really. Thanks Julie.

Knit for Life
Knit for Life
With some needles, wool and heart
Knit for Life.
Help a child who’s torn apart.
Knit him up a friend to share
The endless nightmare.
Knit for Life
Squares of wool: eight by eight
Knit for Life.
Warm a body, wrap it tight
In a big, bright blanket
For a cold, bleak night
Knit for Life
Tiny garments for a special mite
Knit for Life.
Dress up a baby the size of a toy
Who popped out too early -
A mother’s scrap of joy.
Knit for Life
Socks, shawls and teddies
Knit for Life
For those in distress
We can’t help in a big way
But send wool, nonetheless!
Knit for Life
Julie Harrison